Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photo's of Thailand

From Bangkok to Ko Chang, a photo essay on why I am digging Thailand.

My Lumphini Park neighborhood in Bangkok. It was so hot and humid the camera lens started to fog.

Fried morning glory doused in fish sauce and chilies.

Yen Ta Fo- a noodle soup full of all sorts of things from fish dumplings to tofu to ingredients I have yet to familiarize myself with. This particular bowl is from a street vendor on Sukhumvit road, per suggestion of Austin Bush, by way of his amazing food blog.

Fried squid on Khao San road at about 1 am.

Assessing said squid with characteristic sweat stain from messenger bag, 1:15am.

During bus ride to Trat, we stop at a roadside market/restaurant, where I gesture to a tasty looking mysterious curry dish...delicious of course. I taste basil, lemon grass, and whoah chillies!!!

Trat is actually a pretty little town, but this picture was taken from my room while they were spraying the streets for Dengue Fever and it looks quite eerie.

Why I loved Trat...

Fried rice from the Trat Night Market indicated in the previous picture.

The pier in Ao Bang Bao, on the southern tip of Ko Chang. My hotel is lost in the hubbub somewhere out near the left end.