Schedule and Map

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Where I have been: 

July 9-11th: Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery (presented with co-author, professor Naomi Guttman, on paper Sausage in Oil, an exploration of traditional Italian dry-cured fermented sausages made by families in Utica, NY).

Late July: Belguim, explored brewing and cheese making.

July 24th-October 4th: France. Beginning in Paris, traveled to Bordeaux, Pau, Correze, and Loir Valley. Worked with a baker and on a vineyard, talked with cheese producers/sellers.

October 21-25: Terra Madre Conference, Torino Italy. As a United States delegate I had the opportunity to participate in this annual five day conference bringing together farmers, chefs, students, scholars and business leaders from around the world to talk about food.

November-January1st: Ireland. Based in Galway. Explored raw-milk cheeses, breads and beer.

January 1st- Feb 11th: Cape Three Points, Ghana. Taught nutrition and biology at a rural school on the coast. Learned to prepare Banku, tested out some Kenkey, and visited a palm wine distillery. 

 Where I am going:

Feb 21st- Mid May: India. Was thinking Sikkim, but now perhaps Gujarat and Laddakh.

June-July: Malaysia

August 1st: return to US to participate in Watson Fellows conference.