Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Emerald Isle

After Terra Madre I collapsed into the back seat of my parent’s rented car, letting them ply me with loving affirmations and smoked salmon as we took a week long road trip around Ireland. After four months abroad, it was great to see them again. True to the Watson philosophy, my mom and dad joined me in pursuing my project, though considering the nature of my subject, this didn’t require much arm twisting. Starting in Dublin we took a tour of the Guinness factory and ate dinner at the Messrs McGuire brewpub. In Galway we visited Sheridan’s cheese mongers (now my favorite shop) and a tiny fish-smoking company perched out on the edge of Ireland, way up in Connemara; a moonscape of mountains, marshes, and craggy coast. We finished our trip with a few days in Cork, where we went by the Ballymaloe cooking school, dropped in on the English Market (an old covered market in cork city), and toured the Jameson Distillery. After the week was over I said goodbye to my parents again and headed back to Galway.


  1. Some of your pictures for this are beauuutiful!

  2. OH MAN--what did you think of the Gravity Bar?

    But seriously, it sounds like you're hitting all the right spots in Ireland. Maybe stop off in Northern Ireland if you can--it would be more politically than gastronomically interesting, but there are some really beautiful spots (google Giant's Causeway to see what I mean).