Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quick holiday update

‘Twas the night after Christmas

when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring

Except for me because I was writhing in a feverish hallucinatory netherworld

My girlfriend and I had been planning our magical Irish Christmas since October and it was nearly flawless. We sipped hot cocoa and watched a snowstorm blanket Dublin. My friend Ciabhan invited us to his dad’s Christmas Eve party, which was complete with Gaelic Christmas carols and a tree decorated with real candles (equal parts beautiful and terrifying). Back at home, we made our own tree out of a pizza box (less impressive, less flammable), went ice skating, drank mulled wine, and shared some great meals. The day after Christmas we made plans to travel to the Aran Islands. We had visions of hiking along the stone walled paths, along the cliffs swirled in fog and legend, and then popping into the pub for pints and ballads. Then my body temperature made a swift sprint for 103*f (Not in the initial plans). We swapped our island adventures for snotty tissues and cold compresses, and after two nights of sweating like I was doing pushups in a sauna, I am happy to report that I am back in the 98’s! Just in time to start my Malaria meds, woot woot. I have two more days left in Ireland, enough time to rescue this holiday visit with my significant other. Then it’s on to Accra! Hope everyone is having a healthy holiday season. More updates as soon as I can get a good connection in Ghana.




  1. Hi Max,

    I've been thinking about you and hoping that Meryl made it easily in spite of the various weather travails we've been hearing about. 44 years into our relationship, my husband and I tell more great stories about bad times than good! Small consolation for you two right now. Have been pretty well able to picture your travels to this point though have no preconceptions at all about Accra. Looking forward to more of your storytelling once you're settled. Travel safely and well, Jean

  2. Thanks Jean. It is already taking on a humorous glow, or maybe that's the malaria meds...will keep you updated as I escape from Europe!